New H5N1 Bird Flu Lethal Man Made Lab Virus Epidemic Cure Research & Development.

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The H5N1 Avian Flu Influenza Virus has be come more strong and Human to Human Contagious by Professor Ron Fouchier irresponsible development. From Five Mutations in Two Genes over Reverse Genetics Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Bio Technic.

Create a Virus Antigens Hemagglutinin Type 5 and Neurammidase Type 1 cause the exaggerated response of Cytokines (Hormones that regulate the Immune System) such as TNF-a on Inflamatory of it Death Cause.

Anti Inflamatory Cytokines response spikes at the surface of Virions, mediating attachment to host Cell Sialoside answer to Hemagglutinin variation offset, join at Cytokines Inflamation Virus Antibodies and Iodyne in a Water Vapor Patient Infusion Nebulization are the possible cure health treatment.

Due an actual peril of H5N1 Avian Flu Influenza World Pandemic ill spread, us owe organize over International Governments and with The World Health Organizations to the effective vaccine research and development, implements a world massive vaccination plan add to the medical treatment a Iodo breath sampler vaporization infusions. Thinking on the ill spread security control over airports, sea ports, train stations, bus stations: bio-scanners to passengers mucosa virus check with quarantine preparation in new cases zones concentric circles rings spread isolation vaccinations. Avoid sensitive virus areas people traffic movements with population mobile bio-scanners check points to the early flu detection incubations of people was not have the symptoms yet, over the early flu detection and cure by the massive vaccination world plan, coordinate by the -Health Ministries and WHO- vaccination productions and dossification to the world population flu prevention finish, with the pandemic anticipation security measures to stop the world people deads by the H5N1 Avian Flu cause on  special health responsibility answer hint, all over the International Community set response joint together, with all Health Organizations work in union for the right cure of world high emergency be on prepared how the work of The Global Join  Nations Health Protection task.


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