Dr. Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Universal Remedy Cure for AIDS, Cancer, Malaria and lot Illnesses.

23/06/2014 17:23

Miracle Mineral Supplement - Why it Works. 

The miracle mineral supplement is a powerful molecule, & is well worth a further investigation - s it can assist with many many different conditions within the body. The reason for this is because it destroys pathogens upon contact - such as bacteria, fungal conditions, viruses, & pathogens such as this.

A man by the name of Jim Humble is responsible for the discovery of this compound,MMS Supplement Chlorine Dioxide Molecule... typically called Miracle Mineral Supplement, or the MMS product - which is based around the sodium chlorite molecule. This is typically quite weak, but the interesting this is that when mixed with an acid such as citric acid at a certain concentration, this will liberate chlorine dioxide. This chlorine chlorine dioxide molecule has been used within modern municipal water supplies for quite some time, in fact more than 6 0 years, & has proven itself to be more effective & preferable than even the chlorine ion - which has been poisoning us slowly for decades!

The internet has become a true open chorum for people out there who have used this product for any number of pathologies - ranging from fungal issues all the way up to cancer. The reason for this versitility is that this molecule has the unique ability to strip electrons from pathogenic stressors, but will completely spare healthy tissue.

As to why this will do this, it is difficult to know, but the truth is this is just what it does - amazing but true. It is worth doing some personal study to familiarize yourself about how this product can do what it does - the internet is literally FULL of such examples where people are giving there experiences about the MMS product, or the Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Jim Humble is the man responsible for making this product available to mankind, & he did it quite by accident. He was out in the jungles of South America searching for metals & so forth when one of his expedition memebers was stricken down with the dreaded most deadly form of the Malaria parasite. Ordinarily this man would have perhaps only a few days to live, but in this case he he completely revived within a matter of hours.

This really got Jim thinking, because as soon as he returned to the States he got heavily into research in order to get tot he bottom of this quandry. Go & buy MMS here...

If you would like to learn more about this remarkable man, then I would sugest that you watch the youtube video clib below - as you will learn the history of this powerful MMS supplement, & what it can do for you...


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