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Bee Venom Kill HIV Virus.

17/11/2016 21:07
Bee Venom Kills HIV: Nanoparticles Carrying Toxin Shown To Destroy Human Immunodeficiency Virus (VIDEO)  03/09/2013 12:02 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016 30k             Cavan...

Reanima Project Brain Clinical Death Life Again by Steem Cell Treatment.

16/05/2016 20:07
An American biotech company wants to revive dead people’s brains – and a medical watchdog has just given them permission. With this permission, Philadelphia-based Bioquark Inc. is now immediately seeking dead participants for their clinical trial, which will commence at Anupam Hospital in...

Blind People can see again by Eye Chip Brain Neural Interface Implant.

03/05/2016 23:43

Gold Plated Nano Particles Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells.

12/03/2015 00:03
INCREDIBLE BREAKTHROUGH IN GOLD: This Will Change The World! February 21, 2015 Gold-Plated Nano-particles Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells In a recently published study, researchers from Cornell University detail how they developed gold-plated nano-particles that are able to find and...

Immortal Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Therapies.

28/02/2015 06:29
Immortal Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Therapies An Interview with Michael D. West, PhD By Gregory M. Fahy, PhD and Saul Kent Embryonic stem cells (ESCs), colored scanning electron micrograph. ESCs...

Human Head Transplant on New Full Body are Possible in Two Years.

26/02/2015 01:58
First full body transplant is two years away, surgeon claims Doctor plans to graft a living person’s head on to a donor body using procedures he believes will soon be ready   Doctor plans to attach a living person’s head to a donor body in operation he says is not far off. Photograph:...

Young Fountain Magic Pill Compound over 60 Years Old to be like a 20 Years Old Result Scientific Discovery Success.

20/02/2015 21:28
Anti-ageing compound set for human trials after turning clock back for mice New South Wales professor in US rolled back the key indicators of ageing to make two-year-old mice appear six months old. By Oliver Milman @olliemilman Friday 20 December 2013 01.48 GMTLast modified on...

New 3D Vaccine Could Cure Cancer, HIV and Infectious Diseases.

18/02/2015 14:30
Injectable 3-D vaccines could fight cancer, infectious diseases Date: December 8, 2014   Source: Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard   Summary: A non-surgical injection of programmable biomaterial that spontaneously...

U.S. New Deadly Tick-Borne Bourbon Virus Epidemic Peril Able Cure Research & Development.

06/01/2015 17:04
Bourbon Virus Inform. USA New Bourbon Virus Unlike Anything Ever Seen. New Deadly Tick-Borne Bourbon Virus Attack Beginning on...

Compelling Documentary about the Causes of Antibiotic Resistance and How to Fix It.

06/01/2015 16:54
Compelling Documentary About the Causes of Antibiotic Resistance, and How to Fix It Dr. Mercola. Jan. 3, 2015   Collectively, microorganisms outweigh the human population by 100 million times. They're all around you, and inside you. Your gastrointestinal tract alone houses...

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